My first involvement with the American Eskimo breed was when I relocated to a small town many years ago.  After settling in for a few days, I took a drive around the neighborhood and I spotted a beautiful white dog in a yard.  So I stopped to ask the owner what breed of dog it was because I had no idea.  I had owned  heelers, border collies and a few dogs that found their way to our house, but had never seen a dog like this.  The owner told me it was an American Eskimo and that he was moving and couldn’t take the dog with him and offered to sell her to me and that was the start of the eskies in my life.  One dog led to another and after several years I found myself with a new group of friends who were beautiful, smart, intelligent and loyal.

These dogs are loved by my family and I am continually striving to improve this beautiful breed.  I have purchased some outstanding dogs from world class breeders and I am excited about the young guns and rising stars that have been bred here at Canyon Creek and who are maturing and getting ready to join our adults.

Our dogs live on a 60 acre playground.  We are surrounded by the mountains and rolling hills, open fields and farms, and lots of four wheeler trails to keep the dogs exploring.  Never a dull moment around here:)