Friends and Family

Ashley & Howler

Howler is Ashley's new best friend. She did a lot of research on breeds before she settled on the American Eskimo. She was thrilled to discover such a quality breeder as Canyon Creek Eskies right here in Utah.
Ashley is an avid hockey fan and named Canyon Creek Howler for the Colorado Avalanche original mascot, a Yeti named Howler.
He is super smart, easy to train and is loved wherever we take him! He creates quite a stir and is quickly surrounded by throngs of people who want to pet him and his super soft fur. He should really be "Howler the rock star!" We are pretty sure he is going to get a big head from all the attention.
We love how his breeding has given him a natural show dog stance that lets us know he thinks he is something very special! He is quite a character prancing around, holds one paw up or tilts his head from sided to side when he is listening to us talk to him. We are so excited to have this little man as the newest member of our family!

Ema & Duke

11169904_10205484532846592_1102700694567979405_n I just wanted you to know how much my boyfriend and I adore Duke and how he has completed our lives and family! In fact, Duke is on the cover of Salt Lake Magazine this month! I thought I would share the online article with you. A lot of people have been asking me where I got him from and I’m been referring them your way. Thank you!     Ema & Duke    

Angel and the DeFrancesco Family

After more than a year of searching for a reliable breeder we found it.
We are so happy to have got the right puppy for us. Michelle was very helpful to describe the characteristic of the puppy.
I still remember when she said he will be your shadow,  definitely this kind of breed cannot be alone.
They integrate totally to the family.
Angel is adorable, very companionship dog he is part of our family.
Thank you Canyon Creek Eskies!
The DeFrancesco Family, Washington DC

Shadow and Lauren


Last year, after our marriage, my husband and I began the search for a furry friend to join our family. As a child, my family owned a miniature American Eskimo so there was no question this was what I wanted for my future family. I found Canyon Creek Eskies from a UKC certified website and to my delight they were located close to where my parents live in Utah. We knew we would be visiting for the holidays from our home in Oregon and were optimistic in making the necessary arrangements. Michelle was wonderful in keeping me updated with the litters they were expecting. Lucky for us, the second week in November we received news of the arrival of the litter with an available female, ready for us to bring home in late December. We were thrilled! She made sure we had pictures of our sweetie, and on the day we were to pick her up Michelle's sister kindly met us so our commute wasn't so far. In the months since, we have fallen in love with our beautiful puppy! She has an amazing spirit, she's beautiful, and loves us like crazy! My husband calls her my shadow because wherever I go, she goes. We would choose her a million times over! Thank you Canyon Creek for our amazing girl.
Lauren and David
Corvallis, OR

Elly & Barbara

FullSizeRender-1 Our experience with Canyon Creek Eskies was extraordinary. From the beginning, we were provided with a wide selection of pups to choose from; each with their own picture. They were very helpful and timely in the delivery of our beautiful new puppy, who was sent to us freshly bathed and with a new health certificate. You can tell that Canyon Creek Eskies really cares about each and every one of their dogs because of the way they follow up to see how your new pup is doing. We have encountered no problems and I recommend this breeder to anyone looking for an American Eskimo!   Barbara-Glenview, IL

Simone & R.lowe

Thank you canyon creek eskies for sending my boy off with so much love. It was obvious that he came from a warm and caring home. We are so lucky to have this baby! Thank you! Simone

JeAnn & Zoie

IMG_0452-1 I love Canyon Creek Eskies! I have Canyon Creek's Ma' Cherie' Princess Zoie Bella, who is the most beautiful puppy inside and out! Her daddy is Grand Champion Tiki Montana Glacier and her mommy is Miss Prim and Proper, who comes from the royal Kiskapoo's. If you are looking for an Eskie choose Canyon Creek. You will not be disappointed. I was given excellent service every time I had a question before and after purchasing and receiving my puppy. And I had many many questions! The breeder is very easy to work with in getting your puppy to you. Then you will have a beautiful precious puppy to cherish and love too! JeAnne/California

Amie, Rob & Racie

Our family just wanted to say thank you so much for our new family member.  We love our new addition.  She is even cuter than the pictures!  Slush has been so easy to make part of the family.  She is incredibly smart, already house trained and instantly connected with our other dogs.  We took Slush to our vet right after thanksgiving for her checkup.  He said she is in perfect health and made several comments about how cute she is...everyone who sees Slush tells us how cute she is.  We appreciate how professional you were with our purchase of our puppy, and will highly recommend you to everyone. Sincerely, Amie, Rob and Racie Saint George, Utah

The Lo Family

We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful puppy you have blessed us with. Dasher is such a handsome puppy and is getting along with everyone he meets. He is very outgoing and loves to explore around new areas. It only took him one day to overcome his shyness to his new home and now he is the most playful pup ever. We can tell he will grow up to be a very smart and healthy dog. I would also like to personally thank you for all the hard work you put into making this a pleasant experience even after all complications I might have caused. Thank you for everything! Sincerely, The Lo Family Southern California


Sometime ago, I lost my beautiful American Eskimo, Big Al , to lymphoma. My heart was truly broken, but I knew one day that I wanted to get another American Eskimo. I have had several dogs in my lifetime, and have loved them all, but none as exceptional as my Eskie. I had made several failed attempts to acquire one locally, but the breed was hard to find in NJ. The closest breeders were 3 or 4 hours away, and by the time I contacted them, the puppies had already found homes. I decided that if I was going to find a puppy, I was going to have search elsewhere. Then I discovered Frosty at Canyon Creek Eskies. It was love at first sight. I must admit though, at first I was a bit apprehensive about purchasing a puppy from more than half way across the country. After speaking with Michelle at Canyon Creek Eskies, my fears were put to rest. Michelle and I corresponded quite often and she sent me several pictures and videos of Frosty. But most importantly, it was clear to me that Michelle had the puppy's best interest at heart. Frosty tolerated the flight from Utah to NJ better than I expected and the pick up from the local airport went smoothly. I have had Frosty for exactly a month now and I couldn't be any happier. He is beautiful inside and out.  He is a smart little guy with a great sense of humor. He has adjusted to his new environment quite nicely and has gotten a clean bill of health. Honestly, I can't imagine that the anything could have gone any better. Thank-you Michelle for allowing me to have Frosty be a part of my family! Sincerely, Sue, New Jersey

Brooklyn & Taryn

American Eskimos have always held a special place in our family; my mother has owned several herself. When our old German Sheppard passed away in November we knew it was finally time to add another member to our family and we immediately thought of the American Eskimo. We knew we wanted to go with a purebred. We knew we didn't want to fly the puppy, so we needed to find a breeder who was close enough to drive to. We knew that we also needed to trust the breeder. All of this, we knew but we believed that things would happen as they were meant to. Over the next few months we did a lot of research, looking into the breeders that we could find but nothing ever seemed to fit right. Then, one night we stumbled across Moose. We took one look at his pictures and just knew. We left a message with Michelle at Canyon Creek Eskies and within a couple of hours she had returned our call. She was incredibly patient with our questions and our indecision but by the end of the night we were very happy to add this amazing puppy to our home. We drove up to pick him up and the process was very easy and quick. Michelle was very professional and welcomed us into her home. Moose had been bathed and was dozing by the door. (I like to think that he knew we were coming.) That day was a long day and even with the three hour car ride Moose did incredibly well and we had anticipated he would need an adjustment period to get used to his new home. He didn't need it; from the moment we arrived he accepted us. He happily explored and immediately began playing with our eight year old Golden Retriever mutt. He is healthy and seems to make friends where ever we go. His smile is infectious and his energy is playful and curious. He's always happy to see us and loves to be with us. He is also incredibly smart. Within two weeks he has learned the command "sit," he responds to his name and is well on the way to being potty trained. We are so pleased with the quality of our puppy and the service we recieved with Canyon Creek Eskies that within a year we will be looking first to Michelle for a third and final puppy. Thanks Michelle and Canyon Creek Eskies! We couldn't be happier with Moose! Sincerely, Brooklyn and Taryn South Eastern Utah


Michelle was wonderful to work with when we purchased our puppies from her!  She is wonderful to get a hold of and to get any information from.  The puppies came healthy and happy with great paper work on emmuniztion information and paper work for AKC registration forms.  Michelle backs up everything she promises and worked very well with me on picking up the pups on time and great locations to get them.  The pups would even come with puppy food and treats so the transition would go a little better for the babies.  Her pups have all the paper work done with all the information on it from a veterinarian.  I would advise anyone to buy pups from Canyon Creek Eskies because they have done a lot of research on these type of dogs and most of all.....they are adorable. Thank you! Susan Idaho

Sophie, Jenifer, Claudia & Brent

Sophie was a Mother's Day present from my daughter, Jenifer.  What a sweetheart puppy she is!  She has been in our home for 3 weeks and we are madly in love with her and her cute personality.  We are also in love with the American Eskimo breed and feel so lucky to have found Canyon Creek Eskie breeders, Camille and Michelle We were able to see the puppies on their website and chose our 1.6 lb Sophie from the litter of pups.  She was only about 5 weeks old.  We printed a picture of her and took her everywhere with us.  She was a part of our family even before we drove to Mapleton, Utah to bring her home.  Camille and Michelle have such a love for the American Eskimo breed and it showed in our experience of adopting Sophie.  Quickly this now 3.4 lb ball of fluff has found a special place in our hearts and home. Our vet gave her a healthy 1st check-up. We would highly recommend Canyon Creek Eskies to anyone who is looking for a special new addition to their family.  Thanks again to Camille and Michelle, we are so in love with her and the love she already gives back. We promise that you placed her in a great home where she will be loved and taken good care of. Love, Sophie, Jenifer, Claudia and Brent Salt Lake City, Utah

Norman & Shirley Phillips

We brought home our new little family member, Sophie Jo, two weeks ago and we still haven’t stopped smiling.  She made a very easy transition to her new home.  It only took about 2 days for her to let us know she is in charge, even at only 2.1 lbs.!  She had a healthy vet checkup and was rated a “ten on the cuteness scale.”  She has a healthy appetite and is growing, plays hard and sleeps like a baby. Michelle was wonderful and very professional to work with from the first time we contacted her in early December.  She responded immediately to each email.  We first looked at a puppy in a litter she had of Miniature Eskies. But then decided to wait for a Toy that would fit in a carried for onboard airline travel.  Michelle notified us in early January of her new litter of babies.  She kept us updated with photos until our little Sophie was ready to come to her new home. Our thanks to Michelle! Norman & Shirley Phillips Lewiston, Idaho

Nicole Walby

Michelle, Chris & I can't thank you enough for your support and patience through the process of purchasing Brady.  He has been a complete joy and wonderful addition to our family! Thanks for everything! Nicole Walby Niantic, CT

Fan & Nicholas

We would like to thank Michelle for sending us one of the best-bred American Eskimo puppies. He arrived at the airport in an absolutely protected and healthy condition. His look and personality are exactly how Michelle described with an exception that I would not get to see how interactive Michelle's puppy was or how much joy he would bring to my family until he became one of us. We truly appreciate Michelle for her effort in raising a happy puppy for us. Fan and Nicholas Jersey City, NJ

Mary Rose

Dear Canyon Creek Eskies, My little Harley is growing and thriving.  Every where I go with him people want to know what breed of dog he is and so many have never heard of the toy or miniature size American Eskimos (Spitz).  Even though many years ago in the early 70's, I had a full size female rescue Spitz, until finding Canyon Creek breeders in UT, I myself, never knew about the smaller versions.  I was so impressed with the kindness and detail shown to me by Michelle during the research and eventually the purchase of my puppy.  Being close enough to UT made it feasible to drive one state over and see my puppy interacting with his cousins which were the latest litter from Canyon Creek and that reassured me what an active healthy little bundle of joy he was!  Harley has just turned 4 months old and has had his final series of puppy shots, with my local vet being very impressed with him.  I am amazed how smart he is, although he can be quite a tease since he is so clever.  At this early puppy age he can sit, retrieve, is calm with strangers when out in public events, walks on the leash and is 'almost' housebroken!  I have given out the kennel name and contact info several times as people around here are just 'taken' with how adorable he is!  I think he is going to be a champion like his Dad who I think he looks like.  Thank you to the sisters at Canyon Creek Eskies for breeding such wonderful, smart and loving little puppies. I look forward to many years of companionship with my Harley! Mary Rose Colorado

Kris & Vili

What a wonderful experience! After some people tried to scam us on the internet, it was refreshing to work with such a fantastic breeder. Michelle was very helpful with videos, pictures, and additional assistance with the process for shipping the puppies across the country. Michelle was also extremely responsive to all forms of communication and any questions we had. The puppies are a very high quality breed and both came with all veterinarian records and certificates. They are absolutely adorable and all of our friends love them! Thank you Michelle for the wonderful additions to our family! Kris & Vili Southport, CT

Tami & Family

Michelle, I just wanted to let you know that we are so in love with our little Bette E. White.  She is absolutely precious to us.  We took her to our vet on Friday after bringing her home on Monday (I work TUE, WED, THU) and our vet thought she was perfect!!  We already knew that!  She has become a part of the family so quickly and I have been remiss in not emailing you sooner. Thank you so much for your professionalism and care in getting her to us.  We are so happy with her! She is the tiniest little thing.  My son keeps saying, "She can't be real.  She's too adorable and too tiny to be real!" Sincerely, Tami  & Family Weatherford, TX


I don't know where to start. First off, Let me tell those of you looking for an eskie, You have landed on the jackpot of breeders . Michelle and Camille have been such a blessing through this whole process. My fiancé and I were unsure what Eskimo would be right for us and while we were both trying to decide, Michelle happened to be going away for the week. It would be typical for us to have to wait a couple days but that did not happen. While Michelle was en route to the airport and even On a family vacation in DR she still managed to stay in contact with us and answer all our questions to make sure we found the right puppy (even across country) . Next, Camille the breeder behind it all, helped me choose the right girl by sending us numerous videos, really listening to what we were looking for and promptly responding and sending emails to keep is posted on the pups that day... Camille even went as at as far as "fluffing and puffing" with a spa bath and blow dry the final pups to see what their coats would look like until we could choose our girl, and final decision. They don't just look at this as a business, they take raising these pups as if they were human beings....playing baby music for them and literally have a little play room for these pups to run, play and run with each other....Essentially shaping how they grow. For this and many other reasons their dogs are truly amazing. They not only care about the dogs, they care about finding you your perfect family member and appreciate getting to know you ... We have picked our baby and feel 100% confident after working with them she is the one! We receive her in two days and could not be more excited about this entire experience. I would recommend them over and over and wish you all the perfect pup to join your family. They are worth every penny. Camille and Michelle from the bottom of ours hearts, thank you so much for all you have done. Krista Seattle, Washington

John & Kathy

Hi Michelle, Our trip home was long but well worth it. "Miss Yellow" got a little car sick going home but slept most of the way. Her new name is "Angel Love". Friday I took her to the vet and our vet said she was in great health, only had one problem with her, all the vets staff didn't want to give her back to me............. she sure is a lover, Kathy and I feel so honored to have her ................... thanks again for such a wonderful puppy. God Bless you and your family.  She is a true blessing to our whole family.  She will never fill the void of our other two "girls" but she sure is doing her best to please us in all she does.  She is a true lover and cuddler.  That unconditional love...We will keep in touch-maybe need another one some day! John & Kathy Las Vegas, Nevada

Carissa M.

When looking around to adopt a puppy, we did a ton of research. No matter the distance, we wanted to ensure the puppy came from a quality breeder. After deciding we were interested in an Eskie, we stumbled upon Canyon Creek Eskies and fell in love with one of the first puppies we saw. Michelle answered any question I had, and was incredibly easy to work with. My husband and I had a busy month when we found our desired puppy; yet in spite of our conflicting schedules Michelle made it possible to still adopt the puppy we wanted. He has been a dream of a puppy. Very well tempered, loving, and easy to train. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. I'm so thankful we decided to work with Canyon Creek! We now have the puppy we could only dream of! We highly recommend them. Carissa M. Broomfield, Colorado

Frank & Karen

Buying a puppy online can be a scary experience. Breeders, brokers and scam artists are out there waiting, so it's difficult to determine who's legit and who's not. My wife and I encountered all of the above in our search for that "perfect dog". We are happy to say we found a breeder who is both honest and has great pups. Michelle Black of Canyon Creek Eskies answers all your questions up front, and provides pictures and physical details. The pups come with a Veterinarian's health exam and a one year guarantee to help ease your fears. We couldn't be happier with our beautiful  pup or our experience with Canyon Creek Eskies. Frank and Karen Santa Maria, Ca.

Diane M.

Mr. Blue (now named Beau) came to us this past Monday morning. We are thrilled. He is happy, healthy, independent and just a complete joy to be around. Michelle at Canyon Creek was an absolute pleasure to deal with, professional, efficient and obviously experienced. I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for an Eskie! Diane M. Calabasas, Ca

Dizi and the Saunders Family

IMG_3389You spell Happiest Birthday ever! No photo nor video nor description could ever do justice to joy you brought us ! Dizi is so gorgeous , sweet, confident, affectionate and just edible! Our  family has not been able to stop smiling since she arrived and we are eternally grateful . Your kind, patient and generous help to make this transition smooth for us and Dizi from the day we decided upon her including having your son hand deliver Dizi to us went above and beyond . Thank you Camille, Michelle and Canyon Creek Eskies !!!!!